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Full-ceramic training course organized by Natrodent

11/2012 - Elephant’s Polish dealer, Natrodent, organised the first hands-on training course for producing full-ceramic veneers directly onto platinum foil instead of using the refractory-die technique. The demonstrator was Mr. Hans-Jürgen Joit (CDT). On October 26th 2012, Mr. Hans...

Dentsply Elephant dealer at CEDE Exhibition Poland

10/2012 - Last September Interaction dealer Natrodent attended CEDE, the largest dental show in Poland. Natrodent attracted quite a lot of visitors with an eye-catching booth on which Elephant Dental was clearly visible. Demonstrations of Interaction ceramics Under the inspiring leadership of B...

Promoting Interaction ceramics in Asia

09/2012 – Elephant dealer Daco South Korea promoted Interaction ceramics in a beautiful booth during the Exhibition of the KDTA (Korean Dental Trade Association) on July 21 and 22 in Changwon. More than 6000 dental technicians traveled to the fair to watch and see the newest developments of about ...

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